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How to Beat Your Heating Bills in 2017

Heating bills are expected to rise by 5% in 2017. To beat the price hike, you need these following hints and tips!

Switch energy providers

Top of our list is switching from one energy supplier to another and getting the best deal. We are creatures of habit thus, we tend to stick with our bank, energy supplier, credit card company and so on, assuming that to swap will be a hassle.

In addition, we are all too busy to send hours on the phone sorting out a billing issue. If you haven’t swapped energy suppliers in a while, you need to taking a close interest in your deal. The energy market changes all the time, and in this constant state of flux, prices vary.

Use a reputable energy deal comparison site. And your new supplier will do all the swapping around for you. Spending a few minutes searching for the best deal could save you hundreds.

Look for draughts

You will be amazed at where there are small holes letting cold air in. Check around plumbing pipes and other places around the home where cables come in from the outside. It may only be a small hole but, the cold air coming in will make a difference to your home.


It is the key to a warmer home and spending less money on your heating bills. By investing cash in insulation, you will reap the rewards with lower heating bills over time. Start with the basics – loft insulation should be 270mm thick. If yours isn’t, adding an extra layer is a DIY job that takes on hours to complete. For hard to reach places, use loose insulation material.
Bigger insulation investments including cavity or solid wall insulation.

Solid wall insulation is the more expensive of the two and is suitable for homes without cavities. Cavity wall insulation is easily done by a professional company and costs far less. Both will have an immediate impact on how warm your home feels. And this means one thing: you are spending less on keeping it warm.

Claim what you are entitled to

If you are on a low income, have vulnerable people in the home (babies, elderly people or anyone with a long-term illness), there are various grant schemes that can help make your home better insulated. There are also grants available to help you replace an old boiler with a more efficient, combi-boiler.

Also, contact your energy supplier as they are also encouraged to have schemes whereby people are helped to manager their energy bills. They also have grants and loans towards insulation costs too.

Turn your heating down a degree

Advice has always been to have your heat on the lowest setting possible as turning it down a degree or two can save you hundreds each year. As well as wearing extra clothes and enjoying your evening TV viewing with a blanket. Installing a better boiler, or ensuring your central heating system is efficient is another key consideration to ensuring lower bills.

Finally, whilst its important to keep your bills down, don’t get too cold as this can have an impact on your health. For people with long-term health conditions, it is vital to stay warm.

Here at PGH Plumbers, we can help install a more efficient boiler that will keep your home warm and your energy bills low – which means you’ll be comfortable – both in terms of heat and your finances – all year round.