5 Signs your central heating system is on its way out

Despite the warmer weather right now, winter will be here before you know it and the last thing you want to contend with in the middle of December is a broken down central heating system that’s beyond repair. It’s not only inconvenient, but can also be a big unexpected expense to budget for.

However, there could be some tell-tale signs already showing that your central heating system is on its way out, so knowing what these signs are could save you the hassle of a complete heating meltdown and save you money in the long run too.

Your boiler is older than 15 years

Boilers are generally designed to last for up to 15 years if they’re properly maintained. So if your boiler is nearing this age or exceeding it, this could be a sure sign that a new heating system is on the horizon. Plus, older boilers are renowned for being less energy efficient too, so it could be costing you more to hang onto the old boiler than it would to replace it with a modern upgrade.

You have unusually high fuel bills

There’s no escaping the fact that energy prices have risen over the past decade, but if you’ve found that your heating bills are unusually high or have risen drastically over the past year this could also be a sign that your boiler is not functioning as efficiently as it could be. A poorly functioning boiler will inevitably use more energy to reach full heating capacity, which will only get worse, thus your energy bills will be ever on the increase.

It takes a long time to heat up

Following on from this, many older boilers will take an age to get to full temp, which ultimately costs you more money. Whereas an efficient, modern boiler will heat up immediately, making them more energy efficient and more effective. If you’ve found that your boiler is taking an inordinate length of time to heat up, this is a sign that it could pack up the ghost in the near future.

Frequent Repairs

Another obvious indication that your boiler could be on the brink of packing up is if you’re constantly having to repair it. It doesn’t matter if these are small, inexpensive repairs, it all adds up to time and money that could be better spent elsewhere and is likely to lead to more serious problems further down the line.

Problems sourcing parts

As is often the case with many older boilers, finding the spare parts can be a challenge and also expensive, so if every time you need to make some repairs you’re finding it increasingly difficult to find the parts you need, this could be time to switch to a more modern boiler where parts are cheaper and more readily available.

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